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The F-35B Lightning II, the fifth-generation American multi-tasking fighter, was first deployed outside the US. They will now serve in the US Marine Corps, the Japanese base of Iwakuni.

The first two F-35Bs departed yesterday from Yuma’s base in Arizona and one stop at the Elmendorf-Richardson base in Alaska, arriving safely in Japan without interruption. In the coming months, another 16 machines will join them.

The commencement begins the process of deploying modern fighters around the world, whose initial combat capabilities reached mid-2015.

As the service reminds us, they are not the first F-25s in Japan. The Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces have received the first F-35A version last year and the Tokyo government has ordered 42 such fighters, most of them (38), to be assembled at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Nagoya, Japan.

The F-35 is intended to be a universal machine, a multi-purpose fighter that will meet the needs of all types of troops in the US armed forces. Will be able to perform close support missions, bombing, or direct air combat. This range of capabilities will allow the F-35 to replace most of today’s used aircraft such as the A-10, F-16, Harrier and F / A-18.

In order for the aircraft to meet the requirements of various types of forces, it will be available in several versions adapted to the particular theater of warfare and the conditions under which it will serve in the future.

The basic version is the F-35A – a machine that will land and run in a conventional way (CTOL). It has gradually replaced the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the A-10 Thunderbolt II. Machines marked with letters B and C will be capable of short take off and vertical landing. The F-35B will be designed for the United States Marine Corps and the British Royal Navy and Royal Navy. This aircraft will replace the AV-8B Harrier II and Harrier GR.7 / GR.9. The F-35C is an aircraft of the US Navy.

This plane will not be the quickest or the quickest, but the air superiority will give it access to the latest advances in military technology in the field of armament or undetectable. In …

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Seagate has shown the fastest SSD in the world

SSDs are slowly becoming standard equipment for our computers, but they are even more commonly used for business applications, such as data centers. In the near future, such drives will become more and more common in these devices, as Seagate has unveiled the world’s fastest SSD drive.

The new disk, which is ready for production, meets the Open Compute Project specification. And that means that it’s great for large servers that store huge amounts of data that needs fast access.

Seagate’s latest drive is extremely fast because, as the manufacturer says, its performance for data reads is as high as 10 GB / s and 4 GB / sec better than the fastest SSDs available on the market today.

The drive can work in data centers supporting the Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) protocol developed by the consortium of disk manufacturers to which Seagate belongs, and will soon replace the SATA standard that is currently the bottleneck for data transfer.

The new disc will be available in stores in the summer.…

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Windows 10 Anniversary update has blocked webcams

A little over two weeks ago, the Windows 10 Anniversary update was released, which brought a lot of new features to the system, but unfortunately it also caused huge problems. Computer users, after installing it, were surprised to find their web cams stopped working, thus hindering their contacts with family and friends and running a business.

The problem is related to how to use webcams on USB by Windows 10. Once you install the update, you can not use MJPEG or H.264-encoded video streams, so YUY2 is available only to users. Microsoft has done this deliberately to avoid deterioration in transmission quality, but it has pre-decayed and instead there is no image at all.

This is a big issue not just for private users who can not make a broadcast on YouTube, or to record podcasts. But even more troubling are companies that do not actually have access to video calling or conference calls.…

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Before the new Boston Dynamics robot you will not be able to escape so easily

The Boston Business Group’s Alphabet Company has unveiled yet another robot. The machine is called Handle and is quite a remarkable structure that stands out among other structures with speed and mobility.

When the Alphabet bought Boston Dynamics, he hoped that the robots that he produced would be interested in the American army. Unfortunately, the military was not willing to invest in the purchase of these machines, arguing that they were too loud and did not meet the specific needs of military applications.

Although the company did not manage to conquer its military heart, it never ceased to make the perfect machine by presenting its latest design, the Handle. The new robot is slightly different from previous projects, but like the previous ones, it was developed primarily for research purposes and serves to test different methods of mobility.

The machine resembles kangaroo on roller skates, because it is 195 cm tall and can move at a maximum speed of 14 km / h. Where is the similarity to the kangaroo? Hence, Handle can also jump and its battery allows it to travel up to 24 km before it needs to be recharged.…

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Konica Minolta’s portable sensor will save us shame

One Japanese company has developed a portable sensor that will warn us when we start to smell bad. The device called KunKun can thus save us the shame.

As the summer approaches, the problem of bad smell from the individuals returns, which is especially troublesome in public transport. Sometimes, however, it is so intense that the person who gives it is not even aware of it, so it may be embarrassing for someone to get her attention.

In Japan, however, a special sensor has been created, which can protect against such situations. The device is called KunKun and is the work of 43-year-old Hiroshi Akiyama, working in the research and development department of Konica Minolta. The gadget is a pocket-sized sensor capable of detecting diacetyl, ammonia, and isovaleric acid, the chemicals responsible for sweating, rancid lard, or so- Scent of elderly people.…

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End of Wi-Fi problems

The quality of the Wi-Fi signal depends on many factors. Unfortunately, often providing a stable wireless connection is very difficult. But Plume has developed a solution that will help us solve the problems of Wi-Fi networks.

Plume designed handy Wi-Fi signal amplifiers that will make the whole house strong enough to use without the hassle of using the internet. These small devices simply plug into electrical outlets, creating a sort of home network.

Of course, every device has an ethernet port in case we want to connect to it, but it generally serves to provide a strong Wi-Fi signal in every room. Interestingly, it also uses a computing cloud to improve its performance, providing it with the ability to learn and over time improve its functionality.

Plume is currently accepting pre-sales orders for modules that will appear on the market this fall. Currently they can be purchased at a promotional price of $ 39, but after the premiere the price will rise to $ 49. However, you will have to buy a minimum of six, which is not the best solution, because not everyone will need as many devices.…

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Uber banned his drivers from using Greyball

Uber Technologies has announced the end of the Greyball program. His job was to keep government officials away from the company and prevent them from stopping drivers who work in cities that did not agree to their work.

This week, New York Times journalists unveiled a secret Uber program that allowed the company to protect its drivers from law enforcement. The program called Greyball was used in cities where Uber did not have official permission to operate, and allowed identification of the authorities, misleading them about the location of the cars they wanted to stop.

After revealing the existence of such a program by journalists and publicizing the whole case, Uber had no choice but to end the program. Uber Technologies has issued a statement in which it assures that existing practice will no longer be pursued.…

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The latest flagship Xiaomi

Chinese company Xiaomi, a successor to Apple, has just announced its latest flagship product, Mi Note. The device with a large screen and strong technical specifications will be available for just

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State-of-the-art American landing platform during sea trials

USS America is the first new type of landing ship. On video we can see the unit during maritime testing in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the first of eleven planned units of America. The unit cost of the ship is estimated at $ 3.4 billion!

This enormous 45,000 ton displacement vessel can carry up to 1800 marines and more than 20 flying machines. The standard equipment of the USS America is to be 12 MV-22B Osprey, six F-35B fighters, four CH-53K heavy duty helicopters, seven helicopters (Bell AH-1Z Viper or Bell UH-1Y Venom) As well as two SH-60 Seahawk machines for rescue missions.

Of course, depending on the mission, these proportions can be changed, but as you can see, it is an incredibly versatile ship suitable for both “peace invasion” and extensive search and rescue missions.…

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Solar Impulse 2 landed only with solar energy

Solar Impulse 2 fulfilled its mission, and as the first ever aircraft to use only solar energy, it circled the Earth.

A year and a half since the start and 42 thousand. The kilometers traveled in seventeen stages, Swiss pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg landed in Abu Dhabi.

Solar Impulse 2 is not a technological breakthrough. It is rather an “impulse” to change the thinking of solar energy. It was an indication that it was a viable alternative to fossil fuels, even with such sophisticated aircraft as aircraft.

The engines and airplane systems were powered by seventeen thousand solar cells placed on the wings and the Solar Impulse 2 hull, at night using the energy accumulated during the day in batteries.

During the trip, during a flight over the Pacific, a record of the time and distance of the flight of the solar plane was broken. Solar Impulse 2 is not a speed demon, its cruising speed is 88 miles per hour (about 140 km / h).

Both pilots had to spend hours in the cockpit of the telephone booth, wearing oxygen-supplying masks at high altitudes, and sleeping up to a maximum of 20 minutes at a time.…

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