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Before the new Boston Dynamics robot you will not be able to escape so easily

The Boston Business Group’s Alphabet Company has unveiled yet another robot. The machine is called Handle and is quite a remarkable structure that stands out among other structures with speed and mobility.

When the Alphabet bought Boston Dynamics, he hoped that the robots that he produced would be interested in the American army. Unfortunately, the military was not willing to invest in the purchase of these machines, arguing that they were too loud and did not meet the specific needs of military applications.

Although the company did not manage to conquer its military heart, it never ceased to make the perfect machine by presenting its latest design, the Handle. The new robot is slightly different from previous projects, but like the previous ones, it was developed primarily for research purposes and serves to test different methods of mobility.

The machine resembles kangaroo on roller skates, because it is 195 cm tall and can move at a maximum speed of 14 km / h. Where is the similarity to the kangaroo? Hence, Handle can also jump and its battery allows it to travel up to 24 km before it needs to be recharged.

Jeffery May

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