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End of Wi-Fi problems

The quality of the Wi-Fi signal depends on many factors. Unfortunately, often providing a stable wireless connection is very difficult. But Plume has developed a solution that will help us solve the problems of Wi-Fi networks.

Plume designed handy Wi-Fi signal amplifiers that will make the whole house strong enough to use without the hassle of using the internet. These small devices simply plug into electrical outlets, creating a sort of home network.

Of course, every device has an ethernet port in case we want to connect to it, but it generally serves to provide a strong Wi-Fi signal in every room. Interestingly, it also uses a computing cloud to improve its performance, providing it with the ability to learn and over time improve its functionality.

Plume is currently accepting pre-sales orders for modules that will appear on the market this fall. Currently they can be purchased at a promotional price of $ 39, but after the premiere the price will rise to $ 49. However, you will have to buy a minimum of six, which is not the best solution, because not everyone will need as many devices.

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