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Konica Minolta’s portable sensor will save us shame

One Japanese company has developed a portable sensor that will warn us when we start to smell bad. The device called KunKun can thus save us the shame.

As the summer approaches, the problem of bad smell from the individuals returns, which is especially troublesome in public transport. Sometimes, however, it is so intense that the person who gives it is not even aware of it, so it may be embarrassing for someone to get her attention.

In Japan, however, a special sensor has been created, which can protect against such situations. The device is called KunKun and is the work of 43-year-old Hiroshi Akiyama, working in the research and development department of Konica Minolta. The gadget is a pocket-sized sensor capable of detecting diacetyl, ammonia, and isovaleric acid, the chemicals responsible for sweating, rancid lard, or so- Scent of elderly people.

Jeffery May

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