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New iPhone will be thicker?

Apple has been struggling for years to get its smartphones slimmed down to the point where it started to cause problems and bend the casing. This gave the company a great lesson and resulted in a change in approach to the thickness of the iPhone, which in future models will be increased.

Thin and slim smartphone looks undoubtedly smart and modern, but achieving such an effect requires a lot of combining engineers and sometimes fails to avoid problems like the bending iPhone 6. Apple will no longer seek to slim down its flagship model and the new generations will be thicker.

According to recent reports, the iPhone is expected to be about 0.2 millimeters thick, which would be consistent with earlier statements by analysts working for KGI Securities, which recently said the smartphone would be 0.13 to 0.30 thicker. , 2 mm. Interestingly, the greater thickness of the hardware is mainly related to the new Force Touch sensor, which recognizes the pressure of the screen, enabling various options.

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