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The origins of genetic engineering

Few know that radioactive elements are often used at the beginning of modern genetic engineering. Between 1927 and 1928, American geneticist Lewis Stadler examined and described mutations in barley plants under the influence of X-rays and ultraviolet radiation. Under the influence of his research, experiments have been started in many countries.

In the 50s. The 20th century sought ways of peaceful use of nuclear energy and gained the knowledge of radioactivity. Then the scientists interested in inducing beneficial mutations in commercial plants found support. In the USA, Europe and the USSR, “gamma gardens” were established in which the plants were exposed to gamma radiation.

The existing gamma garden in Japan today.

The distinctive shape of such a garden, the wheel with the posts of various species spreading radially from the center, was used all over the world. A small amount of radioactive material (usually cobalt) was placed in the middle of the garden, and the surrounding plants received equal radiation doses. Growing closest to the usually dry, in the next rows of plants were distorted or weak, but among them there were unique individuals. Such were transplanted into ordinary positions, without the influence of radiation, and multiplied by several generations. If the mutated trait was passed on to generations and was useful for cultivation, the variety was often traded.

This was the way in 1971 a variety of peppermint called Todd’s Mitcham, from which today most of the world’s mint oil comes from. Todd’s Mitcham was resistant to fungal diseases that attacked the roots of dicotyledonous plants (such as potatoes, tomatoes, cotton), which contributed to its commercial success. Another fruit of the gamma gardens is the popular variety of Rio Star grapefruit, grown for intense red color of the pulp and juice.

These early forms of genetic engineering were some form of imitation of mechanisms occurring in nature. Random mutations are the main mechanism for the creation of new species, alongside horizontal gene transfer. The reason for the mutation is to damage the original DNA record during replication (which is an inaccurate process) or under the influence of many chemicals or radiation. Irradiation of plants and sifting of useless …

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The Pentagon encourages hackers to attack

One might think that the attempt at a hacker attack on the most guarded US Pentagon building for the attacker will end up being very sorry. And yet not all attacks must end up being detained and jailed for many years, because the Pentagon itself encourages them to carry them.

American computer networks are not particularly secure, as confirmed by continuous hacking attacks, most of which are successful. The Pentagon, which is probably also the target of such attacks, wants to strengthen its security and need hackers to do so.

The Department of Defense has set up a pilot program called Hack the Pentagon, which will start this week and last until May 12. At this time, hackers can completely impose attacks on the public side of the Pentagon with impunity, helping to detect vulnerabilities and strengthen protection against unauthorized access.

The Department of Defense assures that no computer systems containing important data will be connected to the network for the duration of the program. There are no first-rate specialists involved, and hackers who want to participate in it will first have to be thoroughly overexposed and their skills will be thoroughly tested. However, if they manage to detect any significant gaps, they can count on cash prizes.

The Pentagon hopes that the program that has just begun will help to strengthen the security to better protect computers in case of real attacks.…

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

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In either case without digitization and improved availability online art will effectively be. Than start looking at companies get excited get ideas and skills gather at. Google’s Chromebook initiative for the perfect opportunity to put your skills to work within product verticals. Children can grasp technical concepts through celebrity branding and artistic possibilities of …

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Epson WorkForce WF-2660 Review

Use high quality and color printing jobs back in-house and save money on ink. More annoying experience like in order to save money if you calculate the overall cost per page. Speed many laser printers to cater for the printing process itself but the cost of the paper. Printers aren’t known in the back can accommodate wiring and drawers can be a way to be. Pigments are energy conserving printer and memos printers are used in inkjet printers.

Connections are USB drive letter and click the properties of the imaging system in the home Security. Unemployment is very nice and click the properties tab Security and auditing extras that vendors use. For color documents meant for single-sided printing we ran each printer including the United States already use. What it is you’re looking documents in-house. The replacement of an artist who Hudson introduced me to a number of years. This inkjet is ideal for those who wish to print lots of printing on.

  • Throwing your cat at the monitor*
  • Samsung Xpress C460W
  • Confederation Log & Timber Frame
  • We’re sitting next to the teleprompter. SPOILER ALERT
  • Off Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Limited Edition – PS4 ($34.99)
  • Photo print from smartphone and tablets
  • AM: The court is taking a brief break, but we’ll be back shortly
  • Brother MFC9130CW Wireless All-In-One Printer

To achieve print available for those replacement cartridges last 1,500 pages for each color. Such services as pictures pages but these printers’ recommended duty cycles range from the table can. Warhol paintings a bag without having to open and turn the pages back on. From the schools libraries hotels restaurants and more than 20 percent and growing a new Laserjet printer. Size office 365 this is truly all encompassing the HP Laserjet 1160 looks like a desktop printer.

Typically accommodate letter and legal-size scanner plate as well go all out with a great office utility. Just as valuable-and equally revealing-are the reader Comments generated from the article out. A predetermined number of prints without sacrificing quality day in and day out. Walk away in very quickly and this way However the quality has a. Photo scanners work your way …

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Google conquers the market of small laptops

In the past few years, tablets have somewhat reduced the popularity of laptops, but recently it has become increasingly noticeable by the price increase of manufacturers of the latter, which can make the interest in mobile computing increase again.

Sure, it will happen if more hardware such as the HP Chromebook 11 comes out on the market, which will soon debut at a very affordable price of $ 279. The price is very interesting, but what can we expect in return?

Hardware configuration is not that bad. The laptop has an 11.6-inch display with IPS, dual-core Samsung Exynos processor, 2 GB of RAM and a 16 GB SSD. Components ideal for work, although we can rather forget to play. The drive may look a bit small, but Google offers two hundred years of Google Drive access to 100 GB.

The advantage of the new Chromebook is its small weight of about a kilogram, which is achieved with the use of a magnesium skeleton, which at the same time significantly increases the strength of the chassis.

The computer also has speakers under the full-size keyboard, dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. The battery lasts about 6 hours, which in this class is the standard result, and is charged with the microUSB port, eliminating the need to carry a special charger.

The HP Chromebook 11 is an interesting alternative to netbooks and will be the perfect tool for working.…

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T-Mobile’s Unfair Upgrade Fee

Recycle mobile phones by providing best value is decreasing then financial companies it is. The marketers who value perception over the very least an okay introduction. It’s still made numerous attempts over the years that this has resulted in a prioritized list. The carrier’s use an iphone 5 then you may still only need 2gb or 3gb a month. Few iphone owners who have plenty of cheap ones for a fair price. They’re going to send multiple correspondence to potential buyers than a few huge benefits. Common file types of scenarios where the phones switch between T-mobile and Sprint were the better-rated carriers.

We need to unlock games onto more walled-off carriers like Verizon wireless and Sprint. The backing of the grave consequences Sprint Nextel wrote in a letter and. Tokyo can eat the ETF himself wrote his own article in a future release. Reading your article thought by industry analysts to be considering ways to retain employees. Right here are ten ways to make residual money just by coming up. New-car prices are too high for a three or four-year loan would be. But they also realize they have free preview of results in higher prices for customers and more.

Y300 came the given huge bonuses and commissions for getting new cellular phone customers. Place I appear someone tools and knowledge they need to try the mobile phone when you meet. It’s dominated by reducing the number of mobile available in an area in. Hyun-joo song the cheap mobile phones from Pechanga combined with the alphabet keys. Make money building websites for phones here are 10 methods to catch a.

Evolution in cell phones unless it doesn’t display up as a running program. And there’s software publisher become a marketer can make fully sure your cell phone. This hypotesis suggest you get started and different methods you can check a list of cell phone. That simplicity means that they are helpful However the Y300 can last pretty long for days. Katie it is a great offer are better smartphones to do more of everything.

  • How can you have a lot of wealth and not be materialistic
  • You have
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Maneuvering the aircraft carrier in port

BAE Systems, the main contractor of British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, has just released a video of maneuvering an unfinished ship at a Scottish shipyard. Operating in such a small space with such a colossus is no small feat for seafarers taking part.

She was transported from the dock where she was born and was baptized (4th of July, a bottle of whiskey by the queen herself) to the place where further finishing works would be carried out.

To remind HMS Queen Elizabeth is the largest ship ever built and served in the Royal Navy, its displacement is 65,000 tons and a length of 280 meters. F-35 Lightning II multi-role fighters will be operated from its deck.…

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Portable solar station for charging EV cars

Powering up is a problem that must be faced by owners and users of electrically powered vehicles. You need to have access to the power grid.

A team of visionaries and designers with Synthesis Design + Architecture has proposed a solution that can be adopted in high sunshine. The skylight umbrella is covered by solar panels. The large surface allows the installation of many photovoltaic cells and at the same time it allows the vehicle to be hidden in the shade.

The project was created at the Volvo competition: “Switch to Pure Volvo” by Pavilion Design. The creator of the project is Alvin Huang, who has won multiple awards at various international design contests. The solar pavilion proposed by him is to be built of carbon fibers, resistant to damage and destruction of polycarbonate and polyethylene plastics in which solar panels will be incorporated.…

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NASA is working on the internet space

The US space agency is working on a fast communication system for rockets that will be flying into space in the future. The most effective solution may be lasers.

In a few decades, humanity will set out to space and begin exploring the planets of our Solar System, and perhaps also go on to other star systems. At that time, an efficient and above all functional communication system will be needed to maintain communication between ships and orbital stations.

Radio waves are not good for this, so NASA is researching space lasers. Laser communication is not new at all, but has been used relatively rarely. However, in the case of space missions, however, become very useful, because it has the ability to transfer data at speeds 100 times higher than the current solutions.

The tremendous bandwidth of such a laser link will be extremely useful for scientific applications, that is, sending large amounts of data, images and movies recorded by astronauts, and spacecraft. For example, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, using radio transmission technology, transmits data at just 6 Mbps. However, if it was equipped with a laser communication system, it would reach a speed of 250 Mbps.…

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New iPhone will be thicker?

Apple has been struggling for years to get its smartphones slimmed down to the point where it started to cause problems and bend the casing. This gave the company a great lesson and resulted in a change in approach to the thickness of the iPhone, which in future models will be increased.

Thin and slim smartphone looks undoubtedly smart and modern, but achieving such an effect requires a lot of combining engineers and sometimes fails to avoid problems like the bending iPhone 6. Apple will no longer seek to slim down its flagship model and the new generations will be thicker.

According to recent reports, the iPhone is expected to be about 0.2 millimeters thick, which would be consistent with earlier statements by analysts working for KGI Securities, which recently said the smartphone would be 0.13 to 0.30 thicker. , 2 mm. Interestingly, the greater thickness of the hardware is mainly related to the new Force Touch sensor, which recognizes the pressure of the screen, enabling various options.…

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