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Seagate has shown the fastest SSD in the world

SSDs are slowly becoming standard equipment for our computers, but they are even more commonly used for business applications, such as data centers. In the near future, such drives will become more and more common in these devices, as Seagate has unveiled the world’s fastest SSD drive.

The new disk, which is ready for production, meets the Open Compute Project specification. And that means that it’s great for large servers that store huge amounts of data that needs fast access.

Seagate’s latest drive is extremely fast because, as the manufacturer says, its performance for data reads is as high as 10 GB / s and 4 GB / sec better than the fastest SSDs available on the market today.

The drive can work in data centers supporting the Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) protocol developed by the consortium of disk manufacturers to which Seagate belongs, and will soon replace the SATA standard that is currently the bottleneck for data transfer.

The new disc will be available in stores in the summer.

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