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State-of-the-art American landing platform during sea trials

USS America is the first new type of landing ship. On video we can see the unit during maritime testing in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the first of eleven planned units of America. The unit cost of the ship is estimated at $ 3.4 billion!

This enormous 45,000 ton displacement vessel can carry up to 1800 marines and more than 20 flying machines. The standard equipment of the USS America is to be 12 MV-22B Osprey, six F-35B fighters, four CH-53K heavy duty helicopters, seven helicopters (Bell AH-1Z Viper or Bell UH-1Y Venom) As well as two SH-60 Seahawk machines for rescue missions.

Of course, depending on the mission, these proportions can be changed, but as you can see, it is an incredibly versatile ship suitable for both “peace invasion” and extensive search and rescue missions.

Jeffery May

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