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Windows 10 Anniversary update has blocked webcams

A little over two weeks ago, the Windows 10 Anniversary update was released, which brought a lot of new features to the system, but unfortunately it also caused huge problems. Computer users, after installing it, were surprised to find their web cams stopped working, thus hindering their contacts with family and friends and running a business.

The problem is related to how to use webcams on USB by Windows 10. Once you install the update, you can not use MJPEG or H.264-encoded video streams, so YUY2 is available only to users. Microsoft has done this deliberately to avoid deterioration in transmission quality, but it has pre-decayed and instead there is no image at all.

This is a big issue not just for private users who can not make a broadcast on YouTube, or to record podcasts. But even more troubling are companies that do not actually have access to video calling or conference calls.

Jeffery May

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